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Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. Authentic Darcy Tucker Jersey . This week, they discuss Tour de France selfies, Adam Linds mom, Louis van Gaal embarrassing himself, and self-serve beer machines. Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star My thumb is down to idiots, which is a general statement, so lets specify: my thumb is down to the idiots who have decided to take selfies, to use the infantilizing term for photos you take of yourself, during the Tour de France. On the side of the road. With the riders whizzing by. Fans are often uncomfortably close to the cyclists during the Tour, which is part of the old-world charm, but at least are usually facing the race, so they can see the men flying towards them at high speeds. Taking selfies has now caused several harmless but dangerous crashes, and a high number of near-misses. Look, its bad enough that we call them selfies. Its a real accomplishment to make taking them dumber than the name. Steve Simmons, Sun Media My thumb is up to Adam Linds mom, for doing what moms do best. For giving helpful and thoughtful advice to one of her children. Lind complained not long ago that the foot he injured with a foul ball on June 14 didnt seem to be getting better. You can tell your mom that. You cant always tell your trainers or doctors. Lind had all the tests. Still, it didnt seem right. His mom, not a doctor, was clear: get an MRI. And so he asked for one. The imaging was done and it was determined he had a fracture in his foot. The Jays then sent him to North Carolina to see a foot specialist. The diagnosis now is that Lind will be out two weeks after this weeks All-Star Game. And there is no talk of adding Linds mom to the Jays medical or training staff. Maybe there should be.  Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated My thumb is down to coach Louis van Gaal and the Netherlands, whose color is orange but whose liver is lilly. van Gaal said he asked two players to take the first penalty kick in the shootout against Argentina and was rebuffed twice. If those unnamed players indeed did decline, it represents turtling of the first order. But van Gaal also deserves blame. He asked players to take the kick. He didnt tell them. Since when did sports - especially the World Cup - become a democracy? Penalty kicks in the semifinal shouldnt be a show-of-hands thing. Brazil was humiliated by Germany, but the Netherlands embarrassed itself without any help. Dave Hodge, TSN My thumb is down to a new idea that proves that all new ideas arent good ideas. At the MLB All-Star game in Minnesota, beer can be purchased at self-serve machines. I want you to imagine that youre thirsty and at the back of the line while the person at the front of the line is first undergoing, via the beer machine, an ID check for proof of age. Then the purchase of a money card that will allow access to the machine, so the brand of beer can be selected, and the quantity of beer, by the ounce, can be determined, followed of course by the pouring of the beer, spillage would seem unavoidable. Meanwhile at the back of the line, if a vendor walked by, with a can of beer in his hand, can you think of any reason to wait until you get to the front of the line, except to take a and the beer machine? Authentic Nikita Zaitsev Jersey . There is no argument that the line of Pacioretty, David Desharnais and Thomas Vanek was one of the hottest in the NHL leading into the post-season, and they did combine for three goals and seven points, but it was the depth of all four lines that helped propel Montreal. Authentic Andreas Johnsson Jersey . Austin does not believe the game-time temperature is going to be an advantage for either side heading into the Grey Cup. "We dont think about (the cold)," said Austin. "Im not even sure how you would determine an advantage.NASHVILLE -- Titans running back Chris Johnson says surgery to repair torn meniscus in his knee went perfectly. Johnson shared an update after his surgery Tuesday on Twitter. He also wrote, "now lets get on the grind." The running back told The Tennessean he was having surgery in Pensacola, Fla., with Dr. James Andrews to repair Johnsons knee. He hurt his knee in a win over San Diego in Septtember. Authentic Tiger Williams Jersey. Johnson didnt miss a game in 2013 and sat out only one practice late in the season. He rushed for 1,077 yards, the second-lowest total of his six-year career. Johnson is due $8 million in 2014 and has said he wont take a pay cut. 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