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People Who Don't Share Ideas

by Katie Molina (2019-06-17)

In addition, some people like to monopolize or enhance their pre-existing hierarchical status by leeching off of the achievements of ideas of their inferiors, all the while creating existing situations to make it more difficult for their competitors or the lower level employees to advance. In addition, such people like to cherry pick the good things for themselves, all the while telling others to do difficult and disagreeable jobs while they save their asses during a fire and remain obliviously Fascinating Diamonds and frustratingly non-existent when someone needs them to forward an e-mail message. They also like to glean ideas from people who they publicly humiliate as being flawed with some stigma, yet they pull themselves up from the backbones and achievements earned by such people. They don't really deserve anything that they supposedly got by taking credit from others and intentionally putting roadblocks in the way of people who they want to be kept below them.