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Bio Statement PUBG Mobile - Top 5 Best Tactics for You to Survive to The Last Round

If you don't win, or simply never play to the final round of PUBG, read this article now to learn the Top 5 best tactics for you to survive to the last round.
If you have played PUBG for a long time and still haven’t won, or simply never played to the final round of PUBG mobile, this article will introduce you top 5 best tactics for you to survive to the last round. For more apk games Visit apk store to explore amazing MOBA games for Android

Move to the final area of the game
To participate in the final battle in PUBG mobile, you must first defeat all enemies and move to the designated area.
Moving on foot makes it easy for you to be a good target for other players, and if your drop zone is too far from the final circle, it's impossible to jog over the hills.
Especially when the area has shrunk to the smallest level, you will lose blood very quickly. Surely you will not be able to move to the last area in time.
As close as possible to the final rounds, the most important thing is to have a specific means of transportation such as a motorbike or car and always follow a group or team of two people together to avoid

broken wheels while on the move.
Besides, you must always keep your blood full. The last players are the best of the bunch and if you have the same level as them but not enough blood, you are considered to be half dead already!

Find the place to snipe
When the area is restricted, getting a place to hide is very important. It can keep you alive until the end of the game, or at least help you to live as long as possible.
Big boulders are always an ideal hiding place. You can get close to the rocks to hide and open the two sides to look around. 
You can use the dust or hide behind the trunk, but the trunk is usually too small to cover all your body. Cars are also an option for protecting your mobility when you can both move and hide at the same time. 
However, the continuous shooting into the car can cause the vehicle to explode, so it is only a case, not as perfect as the big rocks.


Silence is gold
In the final round, everything will be very quiet, if you do not know where the enemy is, then enemy probably does not know where you are. Silently observes the situation around you and listen to where the bullets come from to determine the enemy’s location. A quite shooting game, isn't it?? Also, Play these best shooting games to satisfy your love for action
If you have a silenced gun, it’ll be a significant advantage.
Continuous harassment is a top priority
You should remember to always carry grenades with you. Since the area of the final round is small, the use of ranged weapons is not overly useful. 
Also, using a smoke bomb or regularly throwing grenades is a good way to distract the enemy.
Or if you do not know where your opponent is, throw some grenades in random locations and pray the enemy will die from being hit by a grenade, and you should throw a smoke bomb in the middle of the circle, to add more confusion.


Slow and steady wins the game
With only a few people left, you have to be careful. Slowly move on to the last round and cling to the ring, but do not go straight into the depths.
Walk around the edge to look for bushes or boulders to hide by, then slowly move deeper inside on the path with many hidden places.
Moreover, there’s a risk because you have to move out of the hiding spot to advance. It’s great if you are clever to make the enemy appear and then counterattack to win. 

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