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Bio Statement PUBG Mobile: Don’t forget the following 5 tips that will help you win in the gun battle

If you love PUBG game and want to achieve victory over the enemy, you should note the following 5 tips that will you win in your gun battle.

We will give you tips to remember, as they will help you quickly get used to the PUBG Mobile and help you win every game. For more games check Latest apk downloads at
Make good use of the control system
If you have ever played a third-person shooter, you will be very familiar with PUBG mobile.
The left side of the screen includes buttons that allows you to move and you can turn into run mode if you hold the button long enough. 
You can click on the center of the screen to rotate the camera to observe the surrounding directions to analyze the situation and device to move or stand still. The viewfinder image will change based on the type of weapon that you are using.
Use the control system well

On the right side of the screen, the biggest button is to fire from the weapon you have chosen. The game also gives you an extra button on the left if your right hand is busy doing something like pressing the view button. 
The remaining buttons include crawling, shooting, jumping and targeting. Also, you can change between the weapons be setting up shortcuts in the middle of the screen.
Use any kind of weapons to kill the enemy
Each time you start a game, at first you will only have one weapon. Then you must find the best equipment by going to the loot or by stealing items from the defeated players.
With each weapon, you have a different type of ammunition so you have to find the right kind of ammunition for your character.
Various kinds of the weapon in PUBG
You have a small frame on the bottom that helps you switch between two different weapons. Also, you can change modes in the same weapon. Sounds cool doesn't it? Also we provide other The Best Android APK Games of RPG Genre to Play in the Vertical Screen. So don't forget to check our site as well.
Helmets, bulletproof armors, and bagpack are the items you must have first
If you have a good weapon, then the next thing to do is to protect it. Things such as armor, helmets or backpack can be found in houses, or you can take it from the dead players.
Helmets help you avoid death with headshots and must be worn as soon as they are found.

Armor is to cover the body area with 3 different levels to increase damage reduction.
Bags help you carry more equipment.

Find protection items
Clearly understand the types of items that are used to restore health
Each time you are attacked, the following items will help you heal instantly with different quantities:
Bandage: Recovers 10 HP each time, but can not recover more than 75 blood points.
First Aid Box: 75 points instantly
Emergency Box: Heal 100 Health for 8 seconds
There are also other types of items that will give you more possibilities such as moving faster: Adrenaline Vaccines, Tonic water, and painkillers.
These items can be found in the bag and you can use them by pressing buttons located on the right-hand side.
We hope that you will find those tips useful, as they will help you enhance your gaming skills, so start playing PUBG using these tricks and you might be the winner! If you don't have it yet check out store - Top rated site for Android - download free apk apps and games