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Since the $21.6 billion video game industry continues its Rapid growth, what is the good best most confortable a gaming chair a couple of game publishers are emerging as industry leaders through the exact same process of consolidation that has swept through other industries, such as Hollywood.

 In the U.S. market, Electronic Arts Inc. is the clear leader Using $1.7 billion in earnings for its fiscal year, which ended in March. But Activision Inc., with less than half of Electronic Arts' sales, also THQ Inc.. Are setting themselves as video game giants throughout steady acquisitions of development studios and game providers, similar to Electronic Arts has completed.

 For the Most Recent round of acquisitions, Activision and THQ Came Wednesday, coinciding with the first day of the industry's premier trade show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, again being held in Los Angeles.

 Santa Monica-based Activision said it's bought Z-Axis Ltd., The Bay Area-based studio behind the"Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX" franchise, which has sent more than 1 million components.

 It marks Activision's fourth acquisition in seven weeks and is Intended to reinforce the organization's position as the leader in action sports matches.

 "By obtaining businesses, you not only get fresh development Resources and talent, but more retail shelf space," explained Robert Kotick, chairman and chief executive of Activision, that recently bought Treyarch, Grey Matter Interactive and Shaba Games. "Leading profitability from the gaming sector is going to the companies with scale. The gambling market is becoming much more similar to the Hollywood film business -- where a handful of organizations control the industry."

 Kotick stated that based on projections for the Upcoming fiscal year, Activision and Electronic Arts will be the only $1 billion companies in the video game market. Low Cost Cloth High Back End Gaming Chair Adjustable Height For Big And Tall

 Earlier this month, Activision raised its advice and reported Strong financial fourth-quarter and earnings, such as a record $164 million in quarterly earnings, up 30% from a year ago. Its shares have almost doubled in value since October and shut up 0.10 on Wednesday at 32.36.

Calabasas, Calif.-based THQ, said it purchased, to get an Undisclosed price, the majority of the assets of ValuSoft Inc., a leading publisher of value-priced interactive gambling software. The deal supplies third-ranked THQ, which took in revenue of $379 million final year, an entry into a new industry. It is already one of the leading programmers for hand-held consoles like the Nintendo Gameboy.

 THQ vice chairman and chief operating officer Jeff Lapin Explained In the USA, companies such as Electronic Arts, Activision and THQ, which have the essential scale,"are looking at other companies for acquisition opportunities, and that I believe that you'll see continuing consolidation in the video game market."

 The leading companies need to keep growing to successfully Manage the business's explosive success, industry observers said. Increasingly, that means teaming up with strike Hollywood franchises, such as Activision's powerful"Spider Man: The Movie" games.

 Activision has also released or is creating games based on the Movies"Minority Report" and"Blade." Top Ten Best Big and Tall Places To Buy Adjustable Gaming Chair

 THQ, whose stocks dipped 1% on Wednesday to 30.69, has a full Array of children's licensed games from Nickelodeon, including"Rugrats,""Hey Arnold!" And"Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius," as well as these grants as"Scooby Doo" and"Spirit"

 "It is Difficult to imagine how to create the games business work With-out worldwide scale," Electronics chairman and chief executive Larry Probst explained. "With the typical price of (creating a) video game that range between $4 million and $7 million and a game writer puffing out eight to 10 titles a year, there is little room for error. If two games fail, it could be the departure of the corporation. You really have to have scale to survive in this business."

 Present Savings: Z-Axis Ltd. in May for about $20.5 million in Money and stock; Shaba Games at April for about $ 9.5 million in stock; Treyarch Invention in October for $20 million; in January, the remaining 40% of Grey Matter Interactive it didn't already own for $3.1 million.