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Cookware to cove

A PAN AND A PLAN ARE PRACTICALLY ALL ONE NEEDS TO CREATE MEAL Magical from the kitchen, and these openings bring the most recent technological developments and stylish shapes and colours to market. From family size to individual parts, these workhorses fill a culinary requirement.


Nambe's new CookServ collection comprises the 5 qt. Soup pot, Made from 5 stainless steel.

Fasta Pasta

Ideal for school students, boaters, vacationers and much more, KitchenHappy's Fasta Pasta microwave pasta cooker makes pasta, cake and much more. Includes a recipe book. BPA dishwasher safe and made from the U.S.


Mario Batali's pre seasoned light burner is half the Weight of classic cast iron burner also has even distribution of warmth with no hot spots. Safe for gasoline, electric, steel, ceramic top stoves and ranges.


Part of Epoca's Ecolution eco friendly cookware line, the Evolve Line has 30 new SKUs and attributes HydroIon, a water established. PFOA free non coat. Available in crimson red, copper bronze, fresh moon black and blue.


One of Lodge's introductions in the show would be the 10 oz Lodge Enamel Cocottes, available in black and red matte.

Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond's Braiser Pot is available in 2 sizes (5.3 qt. and 7.2 qt.) And includes a metal glass lid and an integrated steam vent. Oven safe up to 500 degrees.


Chantal's Classic enamel on metal teakettle features an Exclusive two tone harmonica, a 1.8 qt. Functional capacity and a flat, wide base for quick boiling. Comes in indigo blue, chili red, onyx, stain less steel and aluminum.


Primula's Drive +Serve 3 qt. Whistling teakettle comes at a new Matte finish, from classic black and stainless steel to the vibrant hues of marigold and red.


The following evolution of the mythical Kobenstyle brand, this line Is manufactured from 18/10 stainless 0.8mm gauge and has a 5 millimeter aluminum impact bonded base. Works on most of stove tops and is dishwasher and oven safe.


Espro launches its 20 ounce French press, which avoids the "mud" left behind with different presses with its double filter, which filters in stages.

Meyer Corp..

Meyer relaunches its PTFE And PFOA free EarthPan using Sand Flow nonstick cookware line. The line is available in two versions: EarthPan Hard Anodized Aluminum and EarthPan Aluminum; the latter will be offered in red, orange, purple and teal.

Nordic Ware

Made to make a Traditional street snack that is often located in Hong Kong, the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan creates a thin waffle comprising individual"eggs" which can be pulled apart as a bite or filled for eating,


Swissmar's Geneva 11 bit stainless steel fondue set has a Contemporary layout. The kettle is made from 18/8 stainless steel, whereas the base is 18/0 for added protection and stability of warmth.

Meyer Corp..

Meyer's Paula Deen brand launches the Savannah cookware, available in four Hues of red. Blueberry, pear and black. Founded in heavy gauge aluminum, it comes with an ivory colored nonstick interior and a ceramic exterior.


Starfrit debuts The Rock collection, which uses a new proprietary nonstick coating. Offered in 8, 10 and 12 inch fry pans along with a 10 piece collection. us.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset's Traditional Mussel Pot may be used on the stovetop For steaming shellfish. The lid traps moisture and doubles as a bowl for lost shells while ingesting.

M.E. Heuck

M.E. Heuck introduces the Nano ceramic skillet line, a Complement of stock saute pans together with an 8 pc. Cookware set, shown here. Features a red exterior with matching soft grip cool touch handles.


Offered in red and black. Fagor's new 6 qt. Color Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers are made with just two pressure settings and automated self locking mechanism. They include a steamer basket.


Fissler will unveil its brand fresh Vitaquick pressure stoves, that Feature a lively blue strain indicator that provides two distinct settings for speed and gentle cooking. Available in four heavy cooker sizes and 2 stress skillet shapes.


Shown here since the grill pan. Meyer's new Anoion Tri Ply cookware has 20 open Stock items available, such as specialty pans such as sauciers, braisers, double ovens sets, grill pans and roasters, and two different sized collections.

Reston Lloyd

The U.S. and Canadian distributor for German created Romertopf Clay cookers, Reston Lloyd can demonstrate the new lineup, which includes glistening bottoms.

Meyer Corp..

Here since the 3.5 qt. Cast iron casserole, Meyer's Rachael Ray Cast iron cookware lineup expands into three distinct colors: red, blue and purple. Furthermore, a 2 qt. Open saucepan and 9 by 13 inch lasagna baker have been added.


Using its new licensing agreement with Spanish language press Giant Univision Communications Inc., Gibson is introducing the Simplemente Delicioso collection.

Woll Cookware

For family style cooking, the Diamond Plus Induction 12.5 inch Version 532DPI comes with an extra thick 7.5 mm energy efficient stainless steel foundation for uniform heat distribution.


Zoombo's 3 Ply Clad Sealed Rim Construction cookware comprises two Layers of stainless steel and an additional thick aluminum core that extends from The base all the way up the sides.