Female Gambling Employees’ Work Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction in Macau


  • Zhou Jin Quan Macau University of Science and Technology, Macao
  • Sung Kee Park
  • Hongze Wu


Along with Macau Gambling industry rapid development, more and more female employees are working in this area since Macau open the door to foreign investors in gambling. More than half of Macau female employees now working in relate the gambling industry. But as the special job characteristics of the gambling such as the working environment, work shift and psychological pressure, female employees will have a big challenge in job satisfaction facing the conflict between work and family. In This paper, we will investigate in these relations among work-family conflict, job satisfaction and turnover of female gambling employees in Macau, focusing on the effects of job satisfaction and job turn over under the organization support based on the role perception of their job. The results of this research provide correspond sustainable development policies for the Macau Government, gambling enterprises and other relate organizations about how to deduce working pressure, conflict level of work-family and job turn over for female gambling employees.