Responsible Gambling with an Emphasis on Consumer Protection: A CSR Framework for Macau’s Casinos


  • Linda Hancock Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
  • Zhidong Hao University of Macau, Macau


Casino gambling is a significant contributor to government and gambling industry revenues in Macau, China, but with rising concerns about negative impacts in customers’ communities of origin. Macau casino industry’s designation as a liberal or “light touch” regulatory regime raises particular issues for industry corporate social responsibility (CSR). We frame CSR in the context of gambling as a “dangerous consumption” emphasizing “responsible gambling” and consumer protection from harms. We adopt a CSR definition emphasizing the economic, legal, ethical [and philanthropic] responsibilities of corporations, which draws on The Global Compact and the six domains covered by the Global Reporting Index, including human rights and product responsibility. To maintain the integrity and legitimacy of the industry, a new CSR model, the “Responsible Gambling – Consumer Protection CSR,” or RG-CP CSR framework, is applied to the Macau casino industry across seven groups of stakeholders as an important developing tool to enhance gambling industry providers’ social responsibility.