The Suitableness of Both DSM-IV and SOGS as the Diagnostic Criteria for Problem Lottery Players in Mainland China


  • Haiping Chen Beijing Normal University




Diagnostic criterion is very important for a prevalence of Problem Gamblers`. But in Mainland China, no gaming or gambling except lottery is legal, and lottery issued by the government is propagandized as a behavior of public interest. Is diagnostic criterion of problem lottery players (PLP) same to that of problem gamblers in the case? 19-item DSM-IV and 16-item SOGS are adopted to compare their suitableness for PLPs. Data from an online survey of 19,389 lottery players shows Both DSM-IV and SOGS: (1) have high alpha coefficients and split-half coefficients; (2) gave quite similar PLP prevalence; (3) comprise a few of items that its described behavior is rather popular among the general lottery players; and (4) do not include some characteristic behaviors of PLPs. It is concluded that it is necessary to make diagnostic criterion specially for PLPs in Chinese Mainland.