Evolution of the Industry Life Cycle Characteristics of Variables after Macau Gambling Liberalization


  • Jinquan (Jim) Zhou Macau University of Science and Technology
  • Sung Hee Park Macau University of Science and Technology


Since 2002, the Macau government ended the gambling monopoly system and opened door to foreign operators, rapid development of gambling industry has binged a key issue to Macau eco-social sustainable development. In this Study, we focus on Macau's gambling industry life cycle in the view of Industry Life Cycle theory, giving dynamic characterized analyses on the historical stages of the development of Macau's gambling industry and its life cycle. Proposed life cycle stage characteristics of the gaming industry include product features, organizational characteristics, and market characteristics, characteristics of industry structure and industry policy. We have discussed the basic law of the Macau gaming industry life cycle according to variable characteristics of Macau's gambling industry life cycle stage in this paper