Service attributes of Casinos in Macau


  • L. C. Koo City University of Macau



Since the liberalization of the gaming industry in Macau in 2002, the gaming business has been growing rapidly.  Being the most important service sector, the gaming industry has to strive its best to improve its service level continuously in order to gain and maintain a high competitive edge over the other competitors in the region.  This is particular relevant as the industry is experiencing a slowdown in growth in 2012.  This empirical study aims to reveal important service attributes as perceived by a group of experience casino employees.  These service attributes are carefully reviewed and the rationale why a particular service attribute is important is discussed.  Then ways to improve these service attributes are suggested.  The service attributes revealed provide useful reference for the casino practitioners to improve service standard more effectively.  Kano model is applied to study a selected group of unique casino attributes and their respective Customer Satisfaction Coefficients are calculated.