Interactive Competition between Casino Corporations: The Example of Macau


  • Erdan Ma Macau University of Science and Technology


Although Macau SAR government opened up the gaming industry in order to introduce competition, and the introduction of foreign gaming companies has aroused an unprecedented hyper-competition and significant change in the Macau gaming industry, despite both of casinos corporations and society have concerned on the trend, Macau still lack researches on such competitive moving, not only exploring about the models of the present new competitive behaviors between casinos, but also evaluating competition trends and threats on future. With new mega casinos are spring up in the southeast and even the world, Macau will face more dramatic and fierce competition from the outers. It is the research gap in the Macau gaming history. Without it, the ongoing strategic transformation in Macau gaming industry should have no foundation. The paper will focus on the gap. Based on the informative texts about strategic competition between casinos in the past ten years, it will use text analysis and root-grounded method to construct the model of interactive competition.