An Empirical Analysis of Synthesizing the Effects of Service Quality, Perceived Value, Corporate Image and Satisfaction on Gamblers' Behavioral Intentions in the Gaming Industry: The Case of Macau

Hung-Che (Jonathan) Wu, Ka-Wai Lai


It is important that casinos deliver quality services which in turn results in gamblers? Favorable behavioral intentions in today? Competitive gaming environment. This research identifies and examines the factors influencing gamblers? Favorable behavioral intentions in Macau gaming industry. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to identify the dimensions of perceived service quality; and examine the relationships between behavioral intentions, satisfaction and service quality, and perceived value and corporate image. The data was collected from a convenience sample of gamblers at three large-scale casinos in Macau. The results indicate that satisfaction has an influence on casino gamblers? Favorable behavioral intentions. The results also provide support for the moderating effect of value on the relationships between service quality and satisfaction, and the moderating effect of corporate image on the relationships between service quality dimensions and service quality.

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