Pokies, Punters and Policy: What is to be done about problem gambling? An Australian Overview


  • Nadine Grinblat Australasian Gaming Council


Gambling is one of the most heavily regulated areas of the Australian entertainment and leisure sector. While various gambling forms and activities are widely enjoyed by many Australians, in recent years formal inquiries and public scrutiny of Australia’s gambling industries, the regulatory provisions to which they are subject and concerns regarding the manner in which problem gambling is best minimised, have come to the fore - and look to stay in the spotlight. This presentation provides an overview of the gambling environment, responsible gambling practices and gambling research in Australia. It goes on to discuss recent events? Including the Australian policy environment subsequent to a 2010 Productivity Commission review of gambling, the ongoing debate surrounding pre-commitment and calls for the limitation of betting on electronic gaming machines. The presentation closes by providing a brief look at emerging issues, including challenges to the regulation of Australia? Online gambling market as policymakers navigate the global gambling environment, and possible future changes.