Why Gaming Laws Need to be Crafted Based on the Unique Policies, Structure and Capabilities of Each Jurisdiction


  • Anthony N. Cabot Lewis and Roca LLP, USA


Gaming regulation is not simple. No gold standard exists. No “model” regulation is available. It should be built from a government’s public policy and tapered to the needs and capabilities of that particular jurisdiction. While looking to the laws and regulations of other jurisdictions may assist in understanding best or alternative approaches to the various aspects of gaming regulation, a government must start from a ground up approach to create the best regulatory system for its particular circumstance. Simply adopting the regulatory system of another jurisdiction is playing roulette with the future of a gaming industry in a particular jurisdiction. This session will focus on public policy and how it is the most important consideration in creating a regulatory system. The session will focus on player protection goals, government protection goals and the role of the gaming industry in the process.”